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Sara Groves is a mom, wife, singer/ songwriter and recording artist with a passion for justice and a heart of mercy. She has joined forces with International Justice Mission to advocate for victims of human trafficking for the past 8 years. Sara has been nominated for 7 Dove Awards and has produced a string of successful albums including her latest, The Collection, a thoughtful mix of songs from her past 10 recordings. Sara, her husband Troy, and their 3 children (Kirby, Toby & Ruby) reside in St. Paul where they cultivate an artist support community out of a 100 year old church called Art House North.


I made a map of my life on my 40th birthday, and remembered in broad strokes the first 20 years of my life, and then the second. Drawn out in a sort of graph, I was amazed that there was rarely just one monolithic line, plummeting and rising, but that in the darker hours, there was almost always a counter-rise – this hard thing was happening, but at the same time, this other (sometimes completely unrelated) wonderful thing was happening. Coming-of-age vulnerability alongside finding genuine, life-giving mentors (and authors), young adult angst alongside finding a voice, marriage joy alongside marriage pain, birth alongside depression, sin and self alongside truly breathtaking revelations of grace, tearing relational missteps alongside burgeoning life-long friendships. You know what I’m talking about because when I go out and sing, you come and tell me about your plummeting and rising, and these songs that mark each turn in the line. Here we have done our best to compile a group of songs to follow that line and 15 years of making music! Thank you for listening – we are profoundly grateful for you!



“The Collection” – Track Listing:


1) Strangely Ready (NEW)

2) Maybe There’s a Loving God

3) The Word

4) You Are the Sun

5) Something Changed

6) Add to the Beauty

7) How is it Between Us

8 ) Awakening

9 ) Fly

10) Painting Pictures of Egypt

11) You Cannot Lose My Love

12) He’s Always Been Faithful

13) Blessed Be the Tie (NEW)


1) Lay it Down (NEW)

2) When the Saints

3) Eyes Wide Open

4) Come Thou Fount

5) Every Minute

6) Fireflies and Songs

7) Setting Up the Pins

8) Miracle

9) Roll to the Middle

10) I Saw What I Saw

11) All Right Here

12) Eyes on the Prize

13) Why it Matters

14) Kindness of Strangers (NEW)

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Sara Groves

  • Nov 6 2015

    Dubuque Emmaus Bible College 7:00pm

    Sara will be participating in the Emmaus Women’s Conference and giving a concert (open to the public) at 7:00 pm on November 7.

  • Mar 31 2016

    Scottsdale Westin Kierland Resort 7:00pm

    Private event for Langham Partnership USA

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  • #newalbum #floodplain Nov 6
  • Whoop there it is! Is that still cool? Either way, here is the cover of my new record coming out on November 6th! Prerelease info coming soon...
  • I am so excited to share the stage with these sweet people @jennyandtyler @brandonheath San Fran area this Thursday telling the story of IJM! Art.Music.Justice
  • Notice the light difference between the 7:30 start, and the 9:30 start. #930wasadream #mynewhighschooler
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  • Telling me about video games... #girltalk #legomarvelsuperheroes #alteregos
  • Happy Birthday, Kirby! #greatkid #sisterphotobomb
  • Listening to final masters of this new album. Wasn't sure this day would ever come. #tears #someheartswerebuiltonthefloodplain #floodplain
  • Looking at Ruby's rock collection. #sunday
  • Earlier today Toby asked me if we could have a calzone for dinner. I have been working every spare minute on getting this new album done, so *sigh*, no I don't have time to make a calzone.  Then he asked me where the yeast is, and the rolling pin, and at dinner time we sat down to this beautiful calzone!  #thankyoutoby #thewaytoamomsheart
  • This Friday at Art House North in St Paul! $15 tix includes @dogwoodcoffee and dessert